You will be able to identify genuine – fake goods from your mobile, it will take just seconds

new Delhi: We are all confused about the fact that anything is real. Fear of getting fake while buying an expensive item is bound to be a problem. Meanwhile, a good news has come for you. Now you will immediately identify fake or genuine goods. Your mobile will prove to be helpful for this.

Mobile App launched by Bureau of India Standards
The Ministry of Consumer has launched the Mobile App of BIS i.e. Bureau of India Standards. On the BIS Mobile App, you can check the real counterfeit of any product or jewelery very easily. Our partners According to the ISI mark license number given on the product, it can be checked by putting in the mobile app whether the license number is correct or not. This will give information about the product being real or fake.

All information will be found on the app itself
If the license number is correct, then all the information such as making, from the product brand will come on the app. Similarly, while buying jewelery, you can buy the right jewelery by checking the hallmark number on the mobile app.

Complaint to fake goods too immediately
If the license number or hallmark number is not correct, then you can register a complaint or complaint immediately on the same mobile app. You will get a complaint registered message and a complaint number on your registered mobile number.

How to download app
First of all, you have to download the app from the Play Store. Keep in mind that GS1 will be written under the app. It is present on both Android and iOS operating systems. This app scans the barcode given behind the product. Open the app and scan the code of the product you want to know about.

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If the barcode cannot be scanned, enter the number (GTIN) next to the barcode. All the information about that product will be revealed to you. This includes information such as manufacturer, price, date, FSSAI license.


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