World Health Organization confident: India can win in battle with Corona

Geneva: The performance of India in the battle with Coronavirus has affected many countries of the world including America. At the same time, the World Health Organization (WHO) has also expressed confidence in India’s ability to combat the epidemic.

The World Health Organization said on Thursday that the United States, Brazil and India, where cases of corona virus have increased, still have the ability to beat the epidemic and reach the top. Dr Mike Ryan, who heads the WHO’s Emergency Program, said, ‘India, the United States and Brazil are powerful, capable, democratic countries with tremendous internal capacity to combat the disease’.

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America is the most corona affected country in the world. Brazil is at number two, followed by India. According to Reuters Tally, coron virus cases in the US have exceeded 4 million on Thursday. On average, more than 2,600 new cases have been registered here every hour. Recently, US President Donald Trump also praised India in the war against Corona. He said that in the case of testing on a large scale, India comes after America.

Praised earlier too
By the way, even before this WHO has appreciated India’s efforts. Some time ago, on behalf of the World Health Organization, it was said that India has been ready and taking action on COVID-19 since the beginning. It is continuously strengthening the preparedness and retaliatory measures like sharpening the test capacities, preparing more hospitals, arranging stock of medicines and essential commodities.

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Mike Ryan also said that India should continue its aggressive action to stop the spread of Corona. He had said, ‘It is very important that India is continuing its aggressive action at the public health level. India has led the world in eradication of two serious diseases like smallpox and polio called silent killer. It has tremendous potential, all countries should have such capability that they can gather their community and civil society ‘.


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