Withdrawal of Domino’s in New Zealand; Free pizza offer, apologized

Wellington: In New Zealand, Domino’s has turned down a controversial ‘free pizza for Karen’ offer after facing opposition. In fact, in New Zealand and Australia, an offer titled ‘Calling all (nice) Karens’ was offered in which women named Karen were asked to tell Domino in 250 words how they Are ‘good’.

Domino’s Chief Marketing Officer Alan Collins said that the name ‘Karen’ has been used in many times. It is being called derogatory for racist and white middle aged women. So after a lot of opposition, the New Zealand branch of this pizza franchise has withdrawn the offer as the offer was being called ‘tone-deaf’. Also, it was an issue that affected most white women. ‘

The company issued an apology on its Facebook page, saying, “It is understood that there was a lack of critical context in its publicity due to which people were deriving its different meaning.”

Domino continued in the post, “We want you to know that we are always listening to you and learning and when we feel something is wrong, we fix it.”


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