Will the electricity bill in Siliguri be forgiven for 2 months on the lines of Kolkata? |

Electricity distribution company CESC for Kolkata metropolis has waived the arrears of 2 months electricity bill from 25.5 lakh consumers out of about 33 lakh consumers in the metropolis or decided not to take it. Consumers of Kolkata metropolis will now be able to pay only the actual electricity consumption of June. In April and May, arrears for these 2 months were to be paid in June. Consumers have been given relief from this. Not only this, the payment date has also been extended. All this has been possible after a sit-in demonstration by various parties in Kolkata.

The power consumers in Siliguri have also increased expectations from the West Bengal Electricity Distribution Company after the decision of not taking 2 months arrear cesc in Kolkata. It is known that electricity consumers of Siliguri, Jalpaiguri, etc. supply wbsesc electricity to the consumers. Here too, there has been agitation in the past on behalf of Congress, CPIM and other parties. It is expected that the power distribution company can waive the arrears of consumers here for 2 months April and May. Now it has to be seen what effect the decision of CESC of Kolkata has on Siliguri. How does the local power distribution company take it?


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