Will Hotel Operators Get Appreciation Letter of 1 Crore?

Jaipur: In order to keep Corona positive people quarantine, many hotels in the city were acquired by the district administration and people were also held for about 15 to 16 days. During that time, the government assured that the hotel will be paid for the expenses. Now the Hotel Association met the Jaipur District Collector to pay for its payment and the sabotage in the hotel. The hope was paid, but the hotel owners turned white and the blood dried up on hearing the collector.

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Collector Antar Singh Nehra asked the hotel owners to show big heart. Lage Hath also gave the example of Mumbai hotel owners. Said big hotels were opened in Mayanagari. You also do the same way. The Lage Hath Collector also promised the hotel owners to give a letter of appreciation in exchange for forgiving the payment of nearly eighty lakhs.

Will Hotel Operators Get Appreciation Letter of 1 Crore?
Hotel operators asked for 1 crore in exchange for broke-quarantine center in hotel
– District Collector Antar Singh Nehra said – Have a big heart like Mumbai people
– Someone fed the food, the hoteliers decided, so sorry the rent
– My heartfelt wish, that they leave in the name of cooperation, will give appreciation letter
-Hotel operators said – Many shops are open for giving appraisal letters, we need money
Quarantine centers were built in 5-6 hotels in Jaipur city
– Paid in Jodhpur, Bikaner, but double dealing in Jaipur
– Where medical teams stopped, payments made there
Hotels with quarantine center are being sidelined
-Hotel Association of Jaipur officials said – what kind of arrangement?

During the Coronkaal, the hotels in the city were quarantined. They are being refused payment. At the same time, the hotels where the medical teams stayed, they are getting paid. The Hotel Association of Jaipur has questioned the attitude of the district administration on this situation. While the process of payment has started in hotels other than Jaipur. The association said in its letter of payment that during the acquisition the SDM and other officials had assured to pay the bills of the rooms of all the hotels on behalf of the government, but in return for the payment, the collector will give an ‘appraisal letter’ It is being said.

It is being said that the way people collaborated at their level in the Coronas. If someone fed the food, someone arranged the other way and we thank the hotel operators for making the arrangement. The collector says that it will work according to the Disaster Management Act.

On the other hand, the officials of the hotel association say that by making the hotel a center, the administration said that keep your staff also at work. Assured that whatever expenses will be incurred, we will give. A hotel operator said that his hotel took 53 days in 15 days. Acquired for 18 days. People damaged a lot by sabotage. Who is responsible for this? Now the hotel owners are accusing the administration of fooling them. They say that they do not want any appreciation letter. Many shops are open for lettering. Money is also required with letter. Citing the conversation with the collector, the hotel owners say that they are talking about waiving the bill, but will the government forgive electric-water bills and other charges? Who will make up for the damage caused by the demolition in the hotel

You tell us how the payment is being done in other districts
Orders placed for payment of hotels in Bikaner district
Many hotel bills were due, they are depositing ….
Payment of Rs 750 for AC room and non AC 450 per day
1000 rupees per day in 4 star hotels in Bikaner and
Payment of Rs 800 per room per budget hotel

Amount demanded by the hotels (approx.)
Hotel Kanchandeep – 29 lakh 53 thousand
Hotel Kohinoor – 1.5 million 3 thousand
Hotel Sapphire – 16 lakh 80 thousand
Hotel Legrad – 12 lakh 54 thousand
Hotel Palm – 8 lakh 43 thousand
Hotel Chanda Garden – 6 lakh 45 thousand

However, hotel operators immediately handed over the hotels to the administration during the Corona period. In the midst of Corona havoc, the public association with the administration took place. Also distributed the most food. Today, we are being denied the same. Such behavior is wrong. Hotel Association officials will again meet District Collector Jaipur. Will tell about the process of other districts. If there is no payment then you will meet the minister. If nothing happens on this, then we will be forced to protest.

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