Why does Trump want to open the school as soon as possible despite the outbreak of Corona?

Washington: Despite the growing outbreak of the Coronavirus, US President Donald Trump intends to open the school as soon as possible. Trump recently said in an interview that amidst the epidemic, he is comfortable sending his 14-year-old son Barron and his 10 grandchildren to school. Now White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany has made a strange statement.

Macnee said on Friday that children should be sent to school, even if they feared infection. In response to a question during the press briefing, he said, ‘We feel that children should go to school now. Because we know that children are not scientifically affected by corona like adults. In fact, Dr. Deborah Brix, a member of the Corona Virus Task Force of the White House, gave a statement regarding the effect of corona in young children. In connection with the same, Kayle McNee was asked the question.

BRICS had said in a television program ‘Today’ that the question still remains how fast children under 10 years can spread the virus. However, he cited a South Korean study that children under 10 do not contribute much to the spread of the virus, whereas the rate of spread of the virus in children older than that is similar to that of adults. Birks also said that if children already have a disease and are not prone to corona infection, the situation can be very dangerous.

Earlier, Trump had said upon opening the school that ‘I am comfortable with this. We have a national strategy, but as you know it is ultimately up to the governors of the states’. He said that he wants to see all the schools reopened in this session. If the schools do not open, they will reconsider some of the funds given. “

Trump wants schools across the country to be opened simultaneously so that before the presidential election in November, the public can get the message that under his leadership, the fight against Corona proved to be decisive and the situation in the country is now normal. Despite Corona’s predicament in many states, he favors Total Unlock. While the reality is that the highest number of deaths in the world from Corona infection occurred here and the death toll has reached 1 lakh and 44 thousand.


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