Why does China see India as a bottleneck?

new Delhi: Today, President Xi Jinping was analyzed along with all the top leaders of the world at the Global Summit of Zion News international channel WION on the topic of ‘Decoding China’. It is not a coincidence that China resorted to an army attack at Galvan Galley when the coronavirus from Wuhan (China) has devastated the whole world.

Derek Grossman, senior defense analyst at Rand Corporation, said during the summit, “It is generally believed that the timing of the Galvan Valley incident is linked to China’s efforts through which it could also make the Corona epidemic its geopolitical advantage. Is used for, but the problem is that it has no evidence.

However, China has rejected all such allegations. China says that it wants to ‘keep the peace’ and help countries around the world in this difficult time.

Gautam Bambawale, former Ambassador of India to China, said, “In response to Corona around the world, China is moving in all directions diplomatically, it is called ‘Wolf Warrior Diplomacy’.” I do not think it is going to be any good for him ‘.

At the same time, according to Portugal’s former Europe Minister Bruno Maces, China is showing interest in intimidating India to some extent. He sees India as a bottleneck and a problem.

At the Global Summit of WION, all the experts felt that intimidating India and using their undue power has become the primary objective of China these days.

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