Why Black Lives Matter will no longer be an issue after US presidential elections

The recent decision by US President Donald Trump to limit the entry of immigrants into the US has led to protests in many countries, which are a matter of concern.

It is estimated that 1 million foreign students are studying in America. After the corona epidemic started, many students have returned to their country, while many are staying and studying online. Trump’s argument that students taking online courses do not have to stay in the US is logically correct, but immigrants do not like it.

As a prosperous country, America provides opportunities for all to grow in many ways. From the business or business aspect too. Many countries around the world, especially people from developing countries like India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh, want to go to America and if possible, become citizens there.

The truth is that many immigrants have the dream of a lifetime to get American citizenship. Some succeed and some fail. People living outside America also feel that getting citizenship of Americans to immigrants is like getting a privilege.

Immigrants living in America argue that America is necessarily a country of immigrants. Immigrants around the world have contributed to its prosperity and development. That is why they argue that it is morally wrong for the US government to restrict the arrival of immigrants. The truth is that both the American government and American citizens have a very liberal attitude towards immigrants, and they have been welcoming the immigrants and treating them like their own.

Recently, after the murder of black George Floyd by a white cop, the debate started again about who is America? That too in such a scenario when everyone in the US is immigrant. Some people came a few years ago, some people a few decades ago and some people centuries ago.

There are African American, Indian American, Chinese American and all the citizens of all these races are sitting in key positions in America. Not only in government but also in big business ventures. In terms of this diverse background, there are religious places of all religions in America.

The recently launched ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement seems to revolve around the disputed question of whether America belongs to blacks or whites and whether whites are also denying blacks legal rights? While both are citizens of America.

This is a historical issue and a never ending endless debate. The ground reality of America is that this country is not a country of a single race, but of all the different races, who came to the US in the last few centuries as immigrants and became native here.

The controversy that is being created that America belongs to blacks or whites and there is a black-and-white dispute in America too, is a deliberate mischief of someone. The one truth that justifies this mischievous campaign is that a black can become the president of this country, it is also popular twice and twice and is very popular among men and women in all societies of America.

It will be especially interesting to know that Black Lives Matter movement not only includes blacks, but also whites, and similarly all blacks and whites of America also think that this protest movement is beyond the truth. They consider themselves to be useless and keep away from this protest. If a white policeman has killed a black, then there have been many incidents where blacks have killed whites. Then why such a movement was started. Named after, ‘White Live Matters’.

While black Barack Obama has been President of the United States for 8 years, why did he not stop this so-called discrimination against blacks? Why no one is accusing Obama of spoiling this opportunity? President Trump is being accused and protests are being organized to protect the rights of blacks, which seems to be a campaign to remove President Trump from his chair in the coming elections.

There was not so much turmoil in the US as has been done by some people with anti-Trump sentiments just before the US presidential elections. People of every society have been living in America with a sense of mutual understanding and friendship for decades, they will continue to remain so.

In every country of the world, someone accuses them of discrimination on the basis of class, caste, color or race. Such complaints have been coming in America as well. Which is not uncommon and Trump cannot be held responsible for such circumstances going on under any circumstances.

It seems that the movement of ‘Black Lives Matter’ will end soon after the coming US presidential elections and whether or not Trump is elected president again, this movement will become a non-issue because it is unrealistic and Is an exaggerated issue.

(The views expressed in the article are the personal views of the author)


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