Why Aamir and Madhuri keep avoiding talking about their film!

new Delhi: You will remember a song till date, ‘all boys do do marriage, just keep one single’, but it may be that you don’t know the name of this movie or don’t remember its heroine. The name of this movie is ‘Deewana Mujsa Nahin’ and the lead pair was Madhuri Dixit And Aamir Khan. Recently, the Aamir-Madhuri duo cheered on the completion of 30 years of their super duper hit ‘Dil’, sharing memories … So the old people of the film industry were surprised that after 28 days ‘Deewana Mujsa’ No, even the movie had completed its 30 years, why did they forget that they became ignorant superstars or intentionally.

Madhuri thanked Aamir and director Indra Kumar, brought back memories and also said that he also received his first Filmfare Award for the same movie. Madhuri also shared some photos, but it is very interesting that her ‘Deewana Mujisa Nahin’ is released 28 days after the same movie, which she signed earlier, her shooting was also finished before ‘Dil’. , But she was released after ‘Dil’. ‘Deewana Mujsa Nahin’ also completed 30 years of its release on July 20, but neither Aamir made any mention of it nor did Madhuri.

For that reason too, both stars shone after a super hit movie like ‘Dil’. Their songs were playing in the street. In this case, the second movie of their pair should have benefited. Thinking this, the producer also released his film ‘Deewana Mujhasa Nahin’, but this movie did not become as good. This movie earned only 1.2 million rupees at the box office in 1990, while ‘Dil’ was made only 2 crores and earned 20 crores directly.

In such a situation, neither Aamir Khan wants to talk about this movie nor Madhuri. So that movie completes 30 years. They might not even remember it and even if they do, they would not want to discuss. Here, their fans also talk about why the two have never seen any movie after these two movies and for this, a prank between them is also discussed.

It is said that Aamir played a prank with Madhuri during the shooting of ‘Dil’, and claimed to him that he had knowledge of palmistry. Looking at the hands, they will tell what their future is. Madhuri immediately gave her hand to Aamir. Aamir kept pretending to see her serially for a while, then said to Madhuri that someone close to you is going to cheat very soon. Madhuri became more anxious due to this, for a while, suddenly Aamir spit on Madhuri’s hand and escaped from there.

This girl from a Maharashtrian Brahmin family had a great love for cleanliness. He passed it very loudly and ran after Aamir after picking up the hockey stick, which is standing like a pillar… was called for singing. Aamir felt that the matter was really serious. He had escaped from the set at that time. At that time, Madhuri had announced that she will never work with Aamir. Although Aamir later apologized, but believe his statement came true. Despite having such a good relationship, the two never got a chance to work together again.

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