Who is responsible for the death of Minto Bridge waterlogging? Round of meetings to decide

new Delhi: Waterlogging in the country’s capital, Delhi kills a person, but who is responsible for that? It has not been decided yet. Even in the meeting of the Parliamentary Committee (Standing Committee) related to the Ministry of Urban Development, the solution could not be solved.

According to sources, in the meeting of the committee today, officers of CPWD, officials of Jal Board, heads of the three MCDs of Delhi and the NDMC chairman were called. But all of them declared themselves as clean for the death of a person caused by waterlogging under Minto Bridge.

All the existing institutions blamed each other and said that this matter does not come under our department. Delhi MCD officials said that the road under Minto Bridge falls under Delhi PWD.

According to sources, now the chairman of the committee, Jagdambika Pal, has decided to call a meeting next week to decide its responsibility. In addition to the institutions present today, the Chief Secretary of Delhi, the officials of the Delhi Urban Development Ministry and the Union Home Ministry, besides the officials of Delhi PWD will also be called.

In the next meeting, officials will also be asked to give a presentation for flood-like conditions and water logging in Delhi.

According to sources, raising the matter of waterlogging in today’s meeting, BJP MP Gautam Gambhir said that what was the preparation in the lockdown of three months that one person died due to waterlogging.

In today’s meeting, 10 of the current 27 members of the committee were present, including Sanjay Singh of Aam Aadmi Party.


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