When Kishore Kumar sang this song while lying on the table, even today the song is Superhit

new Delhi: Kishor Kumar He was a very favorite artist of the music world. He has sung versatile songs, and all his songs have been huge hits. Kishore Kumar and Asha Bhosle have given many superhit songs to the film world. recently Asha Bhosle Has told an anecdote behind Kishore Kumar’s song ‘Intaha Ho Gayi’.

Asha Bhosle In its YouTube channel ‘Asha Ki Asha’, it was told how Kishore Kumar sang the song ‘Intaha Ho Gayi Karte ..’ from the 1984 film Sharabi directed by Prakash Mehra. At first Kishod Da refused to sing this song. Then later he was ready to sing it. He decided that he would sing this song lying down like a drunkard. He arranged the table with the staff present nearby and then recorded the song by lying on it.

Kishor Kumar Whatever may be in his personal life, but he always used to live in a cool mula style. Even today, when Kishore Kumar’s name is taken, people’s faces blossom. He made everyone crazy with his style.

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