Waiting for box office opening, get ready

New Delhi The government has indicated to open cinemas closed in the entire country since March due to Corona virus. The Ministry of Information and Broadcasting has recommended to the Ministry of Home Affairs that permission should be given to reopen theaters from August. Information and Broadcasting Ministry Secretary Amit Khare told the CII Media Committee that he urged the Ministry of Home Affairs to allow theaters to open until early August or last week. The final decision in this matter has to be taken by the Ministry of Home Affairs. According to the proposal sent by the ministry, the option of sitting out of one seat and keeping the next row empty.

Movies are being released on OTT platforms
Due to the ban for four months, not a single film is being released on the big screen. Many big banners are releasing their films on OTT banners. The cinema owners are suffering a lot due to this. At first, the cinema owners also opposed the release of films on OTT. No one has a solution because of Corona.

Government said this in Unlock-1
Kamal Gyanchandani, CEO of PVR Pictures said, “If you look at the notification of unlock-one issued by the government, it says that the cinema hall will open in unlock-three which is likely to be in August. That is why we are very hopeful and are sitting with hope. ”

Inox CEO Alok Tandon said, “We have already given SOP to various ministries and officials. We are waiting for their reply. Our created SOP complies with global standards. We will ensure the safety of all consumers while implementing this SOP. We have worked to create a clean environment to win their trust. “

Tandon said that the theater chain has created an SMS system so that consumers will be able to scan the QR code upon entry, see their seats and ask for food by viewing the menu. He said, “We have created an algorithm in which there will be distance between seats automatically if there are two separate bookings. We have installed touch-working sanitizer machines and have arranged to sanitize several times a day. “

Cinepolis CEO Devang Sampath said that dependence on employees would be limited so that unnecessary touching could be avoided. He said, “Paperless tickets are being given all over the world and technology and software are being used instead of humans.”

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