Vikas Gupta also raised demand for CBI inquiry in Sushant Singh Rajput Malme, said this

new Delhi: Late actor Sushant Singh Rajput The last film of ‘Dil Bechara’ was released on 24 July. His friends, family and fans were all very excited about the film and everyone was eagerly waiting for the film. Since Sushant’s death, people are so emotional that big celebs and friends of Sushant’s TV industry also asked people to watch the film. Appealed to see. During this, Sushant’s close friends and show producers Vikas Gupta Had also posted a post on his Instagram account to give a lot of love to the film from people. Vikas wrote in the post that I saw ‘Dil Bechara’ and since watching, I have not been able to decide whether Sushant actually lost his life or that someone took his life?

In the same post that Vikas Gupta has written about Sushant’s film on Instagram, he has demanded a CBI inquiry for Sushant’s death, Vikas wrote that ‘I think Sushant did not commit suicide but was killed. Vikas Gupta wrote his words through a poem, ‘Will remember how good it was #Sushu Hamara. I do not know why he lost this life or that someone had killed him. Wish the CBI brought the truth in front .. This is the slogan of today’s India that was very sweet. One life ended very quickly. Vikas wrote that Sushant was not necessarily physically killed, but he was killed. I hope the CBI will find out because Sushant was not one of the early losers. Those who know Sushant closely know this, but yes he might have reached a position from where he could not save himself. Pressure, expectations and other things made him completely alone.

Everyone will have good work today. But today the whole of India will give each other sahara. bhai sushant was lovely of all of us, today we will meet together and see his picture #dilbechara and remember how good #Sushu was. I do not know why he lost this life or someone had killed him. Wish the CBI brought the truth in front of us, the slogan of today’s India was that baccha is very cute @sushantsinghrajput. Please watch #DilBachara 7.30 pm today on @disneyplushotstar and remember a life went too soon. He was killed, not necessarily physically but he was. I hope CBI is able to clarify the reason he wasn’t someone who would give up, those who truly knew him would know that but He did reach the state where he couldn’t protect himself. The pressure, expectations everything lead him to be alone. In a state if another human being killed him or loneliness, they could do that cause there was no one to protect him and he was too exhausted meeting his own expectations which the world made difficult for him to meet because that’s what the world does to each and everyone of US .. There is too little and too many who want that little. We all let him be alone. Remember that. If you CARE, be THERE but yes it’s important to know who hit him when he was at his lowest. Emotionally or physically that led him to leave this world #VikasGupta #Lostsouls #sushantsinghrajput For the ones who dont understand Hindi Hindi Sabhi Ko Hoga Kaam Khoob Saara, Lekin Aaj India Dega Ek Doosre Ko Sahaara. Bhai Sushant tha Hum Sabka Pyaara, Aaj Dekhni Jo Hai Uski picture #dilbechaara Aur Yaad Karenge Kitna Acha tha #Sushu Humara. Pata Nahi Kyon woh Is Zindagi Se Haara Ya Phir Tha Kisi Ne Usse Mara. Chahat hai ki cbi le kar aaya saamne sach saara, Yahi Hai Poori India Ka Naara. Woh Bacha tha Bahot Pyaara #SushantSinghRajput Humara #VikasGupta

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Vikas has also said in the post that if ‘someone killed Sushant in such a situation or if he himself embraced the death itself due to loneliness, it happened because someone was there to save Sushant was not. We all left them alone. Remember if you really want to take care of someone, then always stand for help from the mind, although it is also very important to know that when Sushant was very lonely in his life and going through difficult times, then emotional or physical After all, what kind of trouble has come due to which Sushant was forced to leave this world.

Significantly, Sushant Singh Rajput hanged himself in his flat in Bandra on 14 June 2020. The Mumbai Police is investigating the case and has so far recorded statements of about 30 people. While Sushant’s fans and many celebrities are demanding a CBI inquiry into Sushant’s death.

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