Vikas Dubey encounter case: SC order, UP government to restructure inquiry Kamethi

new Delhi: In the Vikas Dubey encounter case, the judicial committee formed by the UP government will be reconstituted. According to the opinion of the Supreme Court, now the name of a former Supreme Court judge and retired DGP will be added to the new inquiry committee. The UP government will submit the draft notification to the court. After this, on Wednesday, the court will pass the order after seeing it.

Chief Justice of India Bobde said that this aspect should also be seen that what statements were made by people like CM, Deputy CM? Did the police do the same?

During the hearing, the Supreme Court also raised some questions:
It is the responsibility of the state government to establish the rule of law. Arrest, trial and then punishment from the court is the same judicial process.
Police will never be discouraged if law is ruled.
How did Vikas Dubey get bail despite having so many cases pending.

The Chief Justice said that Vikas Dubey had several cases of serious crime registered yet he was out of jail which is a failure of the system. The Supreme Court summoned records from the UP government.

The Supreme Court Chief Justice said that the UP government has to maintain law and order in the state.

On behalf of the UP government, the Solicitor General said that the State Government has constituted an inquiry committee to investigate the matter. Solicitor General Tushar Mehta said that Dubey had tried to burn the bodies of the martyred policemen.

Chief Justice of India Bobde asked the Solicitor General how this case of Vikas Dubey is different from the Hyderabad encounter. It is the responsibility of the state to maintain law and order. Don’t tell us what Vikas Dubey was.

The petitioner said that in the year 2017, more than 1,700 encounters took place in Uttar Pradesh. The petitioner has demanded that the case be investigated under the supervision of the Supreme Court judge.

Tushar Mehta said that a fair investigation is going on in the case. Vikas Dubey was a notorious gangster with 65 FIRs who was out on parole these days.

Then the Chief Justice asked that a judicial committee has been formed to investigate the Vikas Dubey encounter. Does the UP government agree to add a former Supreme Court judge and retired police officer to it?


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