Video Viral of negligence from Covid Hospital, people are giving out samples for the test themselves

Kanpur: A shocking video has surfaced from a corona hospital in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, amidst growing corona infection. In which it is seen how some people are taking out their own sample for the corona test. At the same time, the district administration has been stirred up after this video went viral.

The case is related to the famous Halat Hospital in Kanpur, which is the hospital of Corona’s level-three category. The largest Kovid-19 hospital in Kanpur-Bundelkhand has a provision of 200 beds and 20 ventilators. But despite being equipped with all kinds of facilities, a video related to Astpal’s negligence is going viral on social media. In this video, the patients coming to the hospital for Corona test are seen taking their samples out and giving them for examination.

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Messing up of patients’ lives
It is clearly visible in the viral video that along with the people who have come for the corona test, the lives of other people are also being played with. In the Corona Testing Room, an employee is standing away and telling the patients how to take samples, after which the patients themselves are taking samples from their hands and giving them for examination.

‘Video made to tarnish image’
At the same time, in relation to the viral video, when Zee Media spoke to the Principal of GSVM Medical College, RB Kamal, he told that an employee had made the video to tarnish the image of the hospital. Also, the negligence of the staff appearing in the video has also come to light, on which action will be taken.

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Corona case increasing in Kanpur
Significantly, the corona virus has engulfed the entire Kanpur. The number of infected in the city has reached 3420, while the lives of 164 people have also been lost. There is also a steady decline in the recovery rate. According to government figures, there are still 1610 active cases in Kanpur.



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