US campaign setback, Australia refuses to support China

Washington: The American campaign to unify the world against China has received some setback. Australia has clarified that it will not spoil its relationship with China despite the current crisis. During the high-level talks between the two countries on the issue of China, the Australian Foreign Minister said that we advocate maintaining a global law based on rules and regulations, but we have no intention of hurting our relations with China. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Secretary of Defense Mark Oslo discussed the issue of China for two days with their Australian counterparts in Washington. Both leaders are traveling to different countries to gain support against China despite the CoronaVirus epidemic.

In a joint press conference on Tuesday, Pompeo praised Australia’s efforts to put pressure on China, saying Washington and Canberra would work together to reestablish the rule of law in the South China Sea. At the same time, the Australian Foreign Minister Marise Payne said that the United States and Australia are committed to the rule of law and stand together against those who violate it. He further said that both countries have agreed to form a working group in the wake of the epidemic.

Identify this respectable relationship
Payne further said, “Australia does not agree on everything America has on the issue of Beijing. We have important relations with China and we have no intention of hurting it. Also, neither do we intend to do any work which is contrary to our interests’. He said that Australia and the United States have a common interest on the Asia-Pacific region and both are unanimous on issues like China. However, we cannot agree on everything, and this is the hallmark of a respectable relationship. Payne did not say much about the differences with Washington and said that Australia has taken this decision based on its national interests and security.

Everyone’s own thinking
Mike Pompeo has been an attacker on China. Recently he said that countries with similar thinking will have to come together to compete with China. The Australian Foreign Minister refused to comment on Mike Pompeo’s statements, saying ‘he has his own thinking and our own’.

In response to a question, the US Secretary of State said that it is not about choosing between America vs. China. It is about choosing freedom and democracy against authoritarianism and authoritarian rule, and I believe that our transatlantic allies know exactly who to support.

This is the reason
The United States is Australia’s main security partner, while China is its largest trading partner. Australia has already angered China by agreeing to an international investigation into the spread of the Corona epidemic. Under retaliation, China has imposed 80 per cent tariff on Australia’s exports. Australia no longer wants to annoy the dragon much, so it has refused to support the US on the issue of China.


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