Unlock-2 to end on July 31, how to unlock-3 Learn here

new Delhi: Coronavirus (Coronavirus) in the country is not taking the name of havoc. Everyday thousands of corona cases are coming up. At the same time, the duration of Unlock-2 (Unlock-2) is to be completed on July 31 and Unlock-3 (Unlock-3) will be started. With Unlock-3, while facilities will increase for the people, there is also a fear about the spread of Corona.

In Unlock-3, it is being considered to open cinema hall, gym, shopping mall with social distancing. A proposal has been sent by the Ministry of Information Broadcasting to the Ministry of Home Affairs for opening the cinema hall.

The public is very eager for Unlock-3. It is in the minds of the people that the government is going to relax. If sources are to be believed, where the idea of ​​opening a school has not been done yet, it can be allowed to open theaters.

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Multiplexes can open with 25 to 50 percent viewers
There was a meeting of the cinema owners and the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. In this meeting, the ministry has proposed to the owners of theaters that they can open multiplex, single window theaters with 25 to 50 per cent audience.

In Unlock-3, gyms and shopping malls may open, but there will be a restriction on opening the metro and school.

Let us know that the cases of corona are not declining. On Sunday, a total of 13 lakh 85 thousand 522 cases of corona have been reported in the country.

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