Union Minister Prakash Javadekar said on the new education policy – ‘Knowledge will be accompanied by skill’

new Delhi: Modi government has brought a new education policy after 34 years. How is this policy, how useful it will be for the students and how many employment opportunities will be created for them in future Prakash Javadekar (Prakash Javadekar) Says that this is a new revolution.

He said that education is important in every house because in every house someone keeps learning. Each one has to move forward, gain knowledge and get employment. In this education policy, you will get knowledge, will get employment, chances of employment will increase and it is a great thing that he will become a good person. The new education policy has laid its foundation. Passing by second rote will be history and will have to be understood.

Prakash Javadekar further said that from 3 years to 8 years, such a new topic will be started in Early Childhood Education in India. Now let’s see that the first and second lessons are taught in KG, but now they will not be there but will develop their cognitive skills, which will lead to their proper development. Children learn while playing and play while learning. But his exam and those copy-books will no longer be there. There will be no examination till the second class, after this it will be different till the fifth. There will be a subject entry and some more studies will be done till eighth. After that study in more detail, knowledge will be the difference. This is a new change in education.

He further said that by furthering the skill, students can go into employment, they can learn what they want. Just like in our time there were technical schools, but there was a problem in technical schools, the technical knowers did not get the same status. It was underestimated but now it will not happen.

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They will get equal status and will get employment to learn new qualities, they will get opportunities. Going to India in the 21st century. Plan, research and research will be main for the teacher, that’s why the National Research Foundation is being prepared and through this the research will increase in the country. There will be research in the country so that new wealth is created with new research in the country, this is a policy to take forward. With the help of technology, primary education, secondary education and higher education will also become positive. Along with this, new inputs will be found in new ways, education will be done in a very attractive way and those who are in the teacher school, those in the college will also get a chance to appear before the students by preparing more.

Prakash Javadekar said that there are 900 universities in the country. JNU is not a single university, if people want to do PhD then they can do it directly after masters. There is no need to do M. Phil, they will get more good employment opportunities.

He said that a new revolution has come and it started immediately. Now the Ministry of Human Resource Development has now become the Ministry of Education. Along with that, teacher training has started. Many things are beginning, a new National Curriculum will come. The foundation of early childhood education will be laid. The years that take 2 years will take. Everything will be applicable as soon as it is ready. Government schools will be constructed so that students will not need to go to private schools.

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