Trump’s former chief strategist revealed – US war plan against China ready

new Delhi: America is preparing very well to teach China a lesson. India and the United States have come together to stop China’s expansionism. The Trump administration has great preparation to teach Communist China a lesson. Trump’s former chief strategist Steve Bannon has revealed. Steve said that America is cooperating with India in the India-China dispute over Tibet.

Not only this, the US is besieging China on many issues including military, economic, technology. America has united with all its partners including India. The US has made a strategy to surround China in Malacca. In Andaman, India and America have done a joint exercise.

Tension in Beijing from Indo-US ‘Samudra Manthan’!
Now-a-days something is happening against China every day, seeing and hearing Xi Jinping must be upset. China has realized that it has made a big mistake by teasing India in Galvan, because now Modi’s attack on China’s Art of War is overshadowed. Before we tell you what blueprint India has made to surround China, before you know what is China’s Art of War policy:

In China 2500 years ago, war strategist Sun Xu wrote a book called ‘The Art of War’. The 13 chapters of this book have described the methods of victory in the war. China must have thought that it will try this art of war against Hindustan too and will succeed. Made a mistake in identifying India from China. China will suffer the great brunt of Galvan.

India created an array to surround China
The Nimitz class aircraft carrier, one of America’s largest warships, has arrived in Andaman and Nicobar to maneuver with the Indian Navy. India has deployed 108 additional Bofors cannon to surround China. Rafale fighter aircraft are also reaching India very soon. The Indian Air Force has also deployed Jaguar fighter jets in the Indian Ocean. These Jaguar aircraft are equipped with deadly Harpoon missiles. Harpoon missiles are anti-ship missiles, that is, capable of destroying enemy warships.

Amidst the India-China border dispute, the arrival of this aircraft carrier of the United States of India can be a big problem for China. America has brought a whole army of fighters with this Bahubali warship. The USS Nimitz Class is present in Andaman with 90 fighter jets. With this warship, 3 thousand US naval soldiers have also come to participate in the war exercise. The meaning of this tweet of the US defense minister, done four days ago, can now be understood more deeply. Mark Asper wrote that do not underestimate the power of independent democratic countries.

By listening to the juggling of Indian and American fighter jets in the Indian Ocean and their roar, Beijing will also realize how strong the friendship between Modi and Trump is. India stands openly with India under China’s tensions. This is Modi’s attack on China’s Art of War.


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