Trump companies import 8 tonnes of goods from China since September: report

New York: Corona virus (Coronavirus) Has created a furore in the world and firstly America (America) Has started to devastate, due to this the US President has become harsh on China and its policies. But the reversal is that Trump the China (China) Are drawing so much anger, their own companies (properties) are engaged in contributing to increase the trade deficit with China.

According to a CNN report, since September 2019, Trump’s companies (properties) have imported 8 tonnes of goods from China. CNN has said that it has tested import data prepared by ‘Import Genius’, Import Genius monitors the information that American companies are legally obliged to give to the Customs Department about their imports.

More than 6 tonnes of tables were sourced from China at Trump International Hotel in New York after the last rainy season. The same day Trump tweeted, ‘We are doing very well in our negotiations with China’. 2 months ago, a 2 ton wood and glass showcase from Shanghai has arrived via the cabinet ship from Shanghai at Trump National Golf Club, Los Angeles.

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This purchase of Trump’s institutions from Chinese companies, in a way, gives a totally contradictory message to the attitude of Trump’s cabinet members, who are issuing warnings about doing business with China. Last week, Trump announced the signing of a law sent by Congress that would ban businesses and individuals who help China restrict Hong Kong’s autonomy.

Last week, Trump also said he was not interested in a second-stage trade deal with China, as tensions between the two countries escalated sharply as the Corona virus epidemic hit China and Hong Kong’s autonomy. is. Trump also said that he did not talk to Chinese President Xi Jinping and had no plans to talk, and said that, the United States is “to hide China about the Corona virus and leave it all over the world.” Believes ‘responsible’.



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