Trouble in applying mask in summer season, Ambassador removed mustache

Seoul: The mask is the most effective way to avoid COVID-19. In such a situation, the US ambassador took a shocking step so that there is no problem in applying mask. The US Ambassador in South Korea was having trouble applying a mask due to his mustache in the heat there. So he got his mustache shaved.

Now Harry Harris’ mustache remains a topic of discussion among media and online commentators.

Even the US Ambassador’s mustache was compared to the ruthless Japanese colonial rulers who ruled the Korean peninsula from 1910 to 1945.

Harris is a retired admiral from the Navy and was made ambassador in July 2018.

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In January, Harris admitted that people here were interested in his mustache. He also said that his ethnic background is being criticized as Japanese-American.

On Saturday, Harris tweeted after returning from a barber shop in Seoul.

He wrote, ‘I am glad I did it. I had to choose between a mask and a mustache. Seoul is very hot and humid. It is necessary to follow the guidelines of Kovid, so I chose the mask.

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