Transport Minister lashed out at rebel leaders, said- Who knows the sinking leaders, the public knows …

Jaipur: Political crisis is at a peak in Rajasthan. The war of words between Congress and BJP is also in full swing. At the same time, after the meeting with the CM, Transport Minister Pratap Singh said that the meeting was chaired by the CM. There was excitement on everyone’s face. There will also be happiness on the face of the opposition. The governor has given a date, now there is no problem. If anyone challenges the majority of the government, the truth will be revealed.

Khachariwas further said that the work of the government during the Corona period has been appreciated throughout the country. There is still time, people who understand the honor of Rajasthan, they will come back. Those who have gone, accept their mistake and come back. They should come to the House. The house is not only ours. Rajasthan is the land of love, but if one considers love it is right.

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The minister further said that the BJP made a statement that Rajasthan is in crisis because of Corona and Congress, but in fact the country is in crisis due to Corona and BJP. Two BJP leaders are engaged in the rebellion of rebel MLAs. They are challenging the power of the Speaker.

Regarding the matter of the BSP MLA said that the Speaker of the Assembly has his own power. Whether they will take notice or not, this too is not clear yet. Big lawyers have come, so you can understand where the money is coming from? CM has said that never seen such an environment in 50 years. 100 more MLAs have told the CM that they are with your decision. Public works are being done. The minister is working with the secretariat. 50 electric buses are being purchased in Rajasthan Roadways. The family is allowed to visit the hotel. There is no restriction on Eid and Rakhi. Sisters can also tie rakhi by coming here.

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Minister Khachariwas said that this time the assembly will be special. Many messages will go in the politics of the country. The CM has said that if we apologize, what is wrong with this? If I had to adopt a shortcut, I would not place Shekhawat in front of the name. The leader is made not by the chair but by the love of the public. If someone gets a lump, it does not become a grocer. Ashok Gehlot is the leader of crossing the Naiya. The public knows who is the leader of the boat.


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