Trains will have to be changed as soon as they enter Bihar, many railways have been hit by floods

Patna: Bihar In the wake of the flood, not only has normal life been disrupted, but the means of connectivity has also been completely broken. There has been a change in the operation of the special trains running in Muzaffarpur-Narkatiaganj and Samastipur-Darbhanga railway blocks due to the flood water from the railway station.

Arrangements are being made to change the permanent routes of these trains to the necessary goods and passengers to their destinations.

Trains run by changed route: –

02558 Delhi-Muzaffarpur special train departing from Delhi on 25 July was diverted via Gorakhpur-Chhapra Rural-Muzaffarpur in place of its scheduled route Gorakhpur-Narkatiaganj-Sagouli-Bapudham Motihari-Muzaffarpur.

02557 Muzaffarpur-Delhi Special train departing Muzaffarpur on 26th July was diverted via Muzaffarpur-Chhapra Rural-Gorakhpur in place of its scheduled route Muzaffarpur- Bapudham Motihari- Sagauli- Narkatiaganj-Gorakhpur.

– 05273 Raxaul-Delhi Special train departing from Raxaul on 26 July was diverted via Raxaul-Sikta-Narkatiaganj instead of its scheduled route Raxaul-Sagauli-Narkatiaganj.

– 05274 Delhi-Raxaul Special train departing from Delhi on 25 July was diverted via Narkatiaganj-Sikta-Raxaul in place of its scheduled route Narkatiaganj-Sagouli-Raxaul.

02565 Darbhanga-New Delhi special train departing Darbhanga on 26th July was diverted via Darbhanga-Sitamarhi-Muzaffarpur in place of Darbhanga-Samastipur-Muzaffarpur on its scheduled route

02566 New Delhi-Darbhanga Special train departing from New Delhi on 25 July was diverted via Muzaffarpur-Sitamarhi-Darbhanga instead of its scheduled route Muzaffarpur-Samastipur-Darbhanga.

– 09165 Ahmedabad-Darbhanga special train to open from Ahmedabad on 24 July will be diverted from Muzaffarpur-Samastipur-Darbhanga via Muzaffarpur-Sitamarhi-Darbhanga.

– 09166 Darbhanga – Ahmedabad special train departing Darbhanga on 27 July will be diverted via Darbhanga – Sitamarhi – Muzaffarpur in place of Darbhanga – Samastipur – Muzaffarpur on its scheduled route.

Partial completion / start of trains …

– Partial termination of 04674 Amritsar-Jaynagar Special train departing from Amritsar on 24 July will take place in Samastipur while on 04th July 2020 this train will leave 04649 Jayanagar-Amritsar Special Train for Amritsar.

– Partial completion of 01061 Lokmanyatilak Terminal Special train departing from Lokmanya Tilak Terminal on 24th July will be at Samastipur whereas from here on July 26, 2020, this train will leave 01062 Darbhanga-Lokmanyatilak Terminal Special and leave for Lokmanyatilak Terminal.

04010 Delhi-Bapudham Motihari Special train, which departs from Delhi on 25 July, will be partially closed at Bettiah.

– 04009 Bapudham Motihari-Delhi special train departing from Bapudham Motihari on 26 July will open from Bettiah instead of Bapudham Motihari.


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