Tomorrow there will be full lockdown on Wednesday Eid on Saturday Mon

Kolkata, 28 July. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has announced the lockdown till August 31, in view of the fast growing coronavirus infection in West Bengal. After reviewing the situation, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said in the Secretariat on Tuesday that the lockdown in the state would continue till August 31. The Chief Minister has also announced the date of complete lockdown. There will be complete lockout in the state for a total of 9 days throughout August.

The Chief Minister today spoke to reporters in Navan and said, “Tomorrow there will be a complete lockdown from 8 am to 10 pm on Wednesday. Eid on Saturday is Rakhi on Monday so there will be lockdown on Sunday. In addition, there will be a complete lockdown on August 2, 5, 8, 9, 16, 17, 23, 24, 31. At this time there will be complete ban. “
The corona situation may worsen in August. It would not be right to ignore that time, saying the chief minister said, “There was a lockdown till 31 July. This time we are extending it till 31 August. During this, curfew will remain till 5 in the morning. And there will be complete lockdown on certain days of the week. Trains and planes will not run in those days. ”
The Chief Minister advised, “Everyone should wear sanitizers and gloves. It is better to use gloves when going to market and paying. Do not ignore the month of August. You have to enter the house from outside and do your laundry. Do not enter the house with your shoes. “

The Chief Minister also said that schools and colleges in the state will remain closed till August 31. If the situation improves in August, the government may decide to start the school from Teachers’ Day, i.e. from 5 September. CM said, “We are planning to run the school at a difference of one day apart from every day before the Puja. But it all depends on the situation. A final decision will be made in August after testing the situation.
The Chief Minister also said that eight IAS officers have been appointed as nodal officers to monitor the Kovid situation in eight districts where Corona is the highest. Five districts had nodal officers for so many days. He also said that eight different teams have been formed to deal with the situation in the state. The Chief Minister said, “These teams will see everything from basic amenities to safe houses, funerals, telemedicine. These bureaucrats are highly experienced and top notch in the state. “
It is targeted to increase the number of sample tests per day to 25,000 by 15 August. Apart from Corona, the Chief Minister also warned the people of the state about dengue. In his words, “Do not let water freeze anywhere.” Keep the environment around the house clean. Be careful “
It may be noted that the government of West Bengal has started many special helplines for corona patients. Calling these helpline numbers includes ambulance or telemedicine related services as well as a comprehensive helpline number-
• Composite helpline number: 1800313 444 222
• Telemedicine Helpline Number: 033-2356001
Ambulance service helpline number for Kovid-19 victims: 033-40902929

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Tomorrow there will be full lockdown on Wednesday Eid on Saturday Mon

Tomorrow there will be full lockdown on Wednesday Eid on Saturday Mon

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