To speed up the economy, Delhi government has cut the VAT so far

new Delhi: In a meeting held under the chairmanship of Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday, the Delhi cabinet has taken a historic decision to speed up the economy and drastically cut VAT on diesel. The Delhi cabinet has decided to cut VAT on diesel by 13.25 percent.

Arvind Kejriwal said, till now 30 percent VAT was being imposed on diesel in Delhi, which has been reduced to 16.75 percent. The reduction in VAT will reduce the price of diesel by Rs 8.36. Till yesterday, the diesel which was getting Rs 82 per liter in Delhi, now it will get Rs 73.64 per liter.

CM Kejriwal said that to give a boost to the economy of Delhi, the government has taken several important steps including starting a job portal and allowing the street vendors to start their work.

Bring the economy back on track Biggest challenge
CM Kejriwal said, the two crore people of Delhi and all of us together have overcome the corona to a great extent by working with great care and hard work, but we are yet to be sure. The corona can grow at any time. Therefore, we will have to take all precautions including following social distancing and applying masks. The biggest challenge is how to bring the economy back on track. All factories, industries and businesses are closed. People are facing a lot of problems. The people of Delhi have accepted and won big challenges.

People’s budget was affected
The Chief Minister said that the price of diesel in Delhi was still quite high. The price of diesel was Rs 82 per liter in Delhi yesterday. Today, the Cabinet of Delhi has decided that the VAT rate on diesel will be reduced from 30 percent to 16.75 percent. This is quite a big cut in VAT. After this huge cut, the price of diesel in Delhi will be reduced by 8 rupees 36 paise. Till yesterday, the diesel which was being available for 82 rupees, now that diesel will be available for 73 rupees 64 paise. There was a demand from many entrepreneurs, businessmen and residents of Delhi that everyone is suffering due to high diesel prices. People’s budget is getting affected. I think that this decision will go a long way in giving a boost to the economy of Delhi.

Job portal received good response
The Chief Minister said that 2,04,785 jobs were posted on the job portal and 3,22,865 people have applied for jobs. Delhi government has started a job portal. There are many traders and entrepreneurs in Delhi, whose factory and shops were closed during Corona, due to which the people working there went to their respective villages. And have not returned yet. Although people are coming back slowly. That is why factories and shopkeepers are facing shortage of workers. There are many people who want to work, but they do not know where to go to work. We started a job portal to join all those who want to give work and who want to work. I am very happy that there is a lot of response on the job portal. Job portal has just started three-four days and so far, about 7,577 companies or employers have registered and so far 2,04,785 jobs have come and 3,22,865 people have applied for jobs.

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