Tiger Shroff’s mother got angry on this, then Anurag Kashyap had to say ‘SORRY’

new Delhi: Film director Anurag Kashyap These days are in the headlines due to their conflicting statements. Anurag is constantly targeting Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut these days and in return he is getting a befitting reply through tweets by Kangana’s team, but meanwhile Anurag has made a big mistake and due to one of his wrong tweets He also had to apologize to Ayesha Shroff, the mother of Bollywood actor Tiger Shroff.

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Yes, Anurag was actually trying to target the media after Kangana regarding nepotism. Meanwhile, a mistake was made with him that in a tweet he made on nepotism, a picture of Tiger Shroff was shared. Sharing a picture of Tiger with Timur, he wrote, ‘This is a nepotism spread by the media ..? Why? Because this is what you want the audience to see .. so is it not nepotism spread by the audience? ‘

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Annoyed by this tweet of Anurag, Ayesha Shroff, replying to this tweet, wrote, ‘Please do not drag my child in all this … He has reached here with all his hard work.’ After reading this reply of Ashaya, Anurag apologized by speaking to them in sorry. In a tweet again, Anurag wrote, ‘I am very sad Ayesha .. Here I meant how the media is behind’ Taimur ‘. Please forgive if I have hurt your heart. I have just read it.

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