Those who do not wear masks in this country will have to work for 3 months

Pyongyang: Given the growing outbreak of Coronavirus, while US President Donald Trump appears in a mask, North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un is also terrified. This is the reason why they have announced severe punishment against those who do not wear masks.

According to the American news site Radio Free Asia (RFA), North Koreans have taken strict steps to control the spread of Corona. Now those not wearing masks will have to work hard for 3 months. This order of the government has created panic among the people. However, no one can muster the courage to go against Kim Jong Un’s decision.

Teams of college and high school students along with the police have been formed by the North Korea administration to ensure the implementation of this order. These teams will keep an eye on the people by moving around and action will be taken on whoever is found without a mask. Radio Free Asia quoted a North Korean official as saying that strict action orders have been issued in view of the threat of Corona. Those violating this will have to work hard for 3 months, no matter what it is.

Although there is no specific information regarding the corona virus cases in North Korea, but reports of infection in the Chinese provinces adjoining North Korea last month increased the government’s restlessness. He immediately sent the students back on leave from July 1, coming into action.

According to the RFA, on July 2, a meeting of the Korean Workers Party chaired by Kim Jong Un took place, in which important decisions were made to deal with Corona. Also, orders for action were issued against several senior health officials, as they had failed to control the virus according to Kim Jong.



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