This video of Karan Johar went viral after Kangana Ranaut’s allegations

new Delhi: Bollywood’s famous actress since the suicide of late actor Sushant Singh Rajput Kangana Ranaut In Bollywood, he is seen to be openly speaking about nepotism. Recently, he again targeted film maker Karan Johar in an interview. Kangana said that Karan had said that a girl like me should be thrown out of the industry. Since this allegation of Kangana, that video of Karan Johar has started going viral on Twitter, in which Karan said these things about Kangana.

In the viral video, Karan Johar is saying, ‘I am completely tired of watching Kangana playing Victim and Women’s cards. You cannot always be a Victim and you cannot always tell the same story about how this evil world and the industry has scared and threatened you. If so, then you leave. Who is placing a gun on your head and saying that you stay in this industry. You leave the industry. Go out and do something.

Let me tell you, in the Sushant case, Kangana has claimed that if she could not prove her allegations, then she will return the Padma Shri, the most prestigious award given by the government. Kangana Ranaut said, ‘I am telling that if I have said something that I cannot testify, which I cannot prove and which is not in the public interest, then I will return my Padma Shri. In such a situation, I do not deserve this honor again.

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