This time brothers and sisters will celebrate Rakshabandhan festival with virtual rakhi

new Delhi: There are no more days left in Rakhi. This time for the first time siblings Virtual Rakhi Going to celebrate Virtual Rakhi i.e. brothers and sisters will not be face to face, but will meet each other through face time, zoom or whatsapp. Will talk, worship, celebrate Rakhi

Preparation of Virtual Rakhi:
It is true that meeting each other on the day of Rakhi, worshiping, tying Rakhi, eating sweets, taking gifts – all have different adventures. But you can also bring these adventures in virtual rakhi. Rakhi is adorned in the market at this time. There are also many options on-line. Send Rakhi to your brother as soon as possible, so that Rakhi sent to him reaches you on Rakhi day. Of course, both of you or the whole family are connecting on a rakhi day, keep your preparations in full.

Rakhi in lockdown:
Prepare clothes a day before Rakhi. If you need to get a painting done on the face, then do that too. The first festival is coming to lockdown. Celebrate it with full enthusiasm. House
Decorate properly. If flowers are not available in the market, then decorate the money plant and other green plants in bouquets. Place green plants around your laptop or computer, fill flowers in the pan and add flowers or leaves. You can also add dried flowers. Your dress should be traditional and bright. Avoid being prepared thinking that you are getting the most virtual.

Make sweets at home:
At this time you also have time and opportunity. Make sweets at home that your brother likes. Family counselor Dr. Renu Aggarwal says, ‘We will all change our mood because of the festival. Do not bring your mind that you are not able to find brothers and sisters in Rakhi. It is also a big thing to see each other happy. Understand the beauty of time and meet your family as if you are together. To make the children of the house feel festive, play good songs, make sweets and festival food, ask everyone to prepare well, this will break the monotony of lock down and remove negativity.

Rakhi gifts
You can send gifts online to your loved ones. At this time, to make everyone’s mood small, but send the gift to every member of the house.

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