This ‘Rangbaj’ of Delhi, police arrested, accused of dozens of murders

new Delhi: Due to the nationwide lockdown, the police was engaged in enforcing the lockdown, while the gangsters and mafia were engaged in strengthening and enlarging their gangs across the country. One of them was Rangbaj named Jyoti aka Baba, there was a time when corpses used to fall in a gangwar that took place on the land of Delhi.

There were many gangs in Delhi’s Dwarka and South West District who wanted to seize extortion by occupying the entire area, illegal occupations on the land, such as occupation, and dozens of people from both sides in the same domination fight Life was lost

One of those gangs was Jyoti Baba Gang, who was serving a sentence in jail in the murder case. But on August 2019, Jyoti alias Baba escaped after he came out on parole, after which he was sheltered by the liquor mafia of Gujarat, through his goons of Haryana. Jyoti Baba was also charged with MCOCA by the Delhi Police in view of his organized crime and a reward of one lakh was placed on him.

After escaping on parole, Jyoti aka Baba along with his younger brother Kapil Sangwan alias Nandu formed a separate gang and at the time of lockdown, he wanted to strengthen his gang and eliminate the gang of his enemy Manjeet Mahal. Manjit Mahal is currently under judicial custody inside Tihar Jail. Therefore, before he could not succeed in his objective, a team was formed under the leadership of Inspector Vikram Dahiya of Counter Intelligence of Special Cell which included SI Sandeep Dabas, SI Manjeet, SI Nishant Dahiya, SI Sumer Singh, SI. Manishi Chandra, DCP of Counter Intelligence, was overseeing the entire operation.

In fact, the counter intelligence of the special cell was constantly getting the news that Jyoti alias Baba has joined hands with the liquor mafia of Gujarat and he is in constant contact with them. Counter Intelligence got the news that Jyoti alias Baba is changing the name in a hotel in Surat, Gujarat. The police team went and caught Jyoti aka Baba when he was in a white luxury Audi Q7 and was in the mood to move to another city.

The registration of the vehicle was in the name of Dhirenbhai Karia, Dhirenbhai is the big liquor mafia of Gujarat. Which also contested the independent Lok Sabha election from Junagadh in 2019. Dhirenbhai is currently in Surat Jail, the police found a 0.32 MM pistol made by American Army with 4 live cartridges from Jyoti alias Baba.

How Jyoti aka Baba became a criminal
Jyoti aka Baba’s connection to the crime world was associated with the age of 16 when he committed a murder in Gurugram at the age of 16, due to being a minor, he soon came out of the child improvement home. After coming out, he got together with the local boys and formed a gang and started attacking the gang of Manjit Mahal, a gangster from Najafgarh and surrounding area, as a result of which, by the age of 19, both of these gangs had a dozen gangs More people had died. Jyoti aka Baba was arrested several times after killing one after the other and he was also sentenced to life imprisonment from the court.

After he went to jail, his younger brother Kapil Sangwan alias Nandu had taken the command of the gang in his hands, but sitting inside the jail, Jyoti alias Baba used to instruct him what to do and what not to do. Baba’s mind inside the jail and Nandu’s strength outside the prison, was the successful formula of the world of Jarayam, due to which now the Baba-Nandu gang had spread panic in the whole area and illegal occupation of land, extortion, contract killing In the business of Baba-Nandu gang, you started talking. Now the Baba-Nandu gang dominated most of the illegal businesses in Najafgarh and its surrounding area. but. On 24 September 2016, Kapil Sangwan alias Nandu was arrested in many cases including murder. In June 2019, Kapil got parole from Bhondsi Jail, after which Kapil escaped by breaking parole and he was shot and killed by a property dealer of Dwarka in broad daylight on 24 September 2019 to register his presence in the world of crime. . Since then Kapil Sangwan alias Nandu is absconding, the police has also kept a reward of 50 thousand on his arrest.

A police interrogation revealed that Jyoti alias Baba had started his gang war with Manjit Mahal in 2016, when Manjeet killed Sunil alias Doctor who was the real brother of Jyoti Baba and Kapil Sangwan Nandu in the relationship.

Actually, Manjeet Mahal felt that Sunil aka Doctor Gangster Vikas was a companion of Lagarpuria. Manjit Mahal had an old enmity with Vikas Lagarpur. But to avenge Sunil’s death, his younger brother Jyoti alias Baba did not take time and within a few hours, the people of Baba-Nandu gang opened fire at the house of Nafe aka Minister close to Manjeet Mahal, Nafe aka Minister Sunil’s Was involved in the murder.

In this firing, the father of Nafe aka Minister was killed while his mother was also seriously injured. After which more than 6 murders took place in the gang war which took place on both sides. Baba- Nandu Gang also killed Manjeet Mahal’s father Krishna, after which the people of Manjit Mahal Gang killed both shooters named Dinesh Pahalwan and Vikrant Gulia who killed Manjeet Mahal’s father. The gang war that started between these two gangs started in 2012 is still going on. Till now dozens of people have been murdered in the gang war. But no one has the answer to the question that when will the end of these Rangbars from Delhi, the capital of the country.

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