This is how you can earn millions of rupees while sitting at home, Coronakal is the most powerful business

New Delhi Coronavirus Due to this, many businesses have come to a standstill. This year, there has been a lot of change in the daily routine and needs of the people. This virus has caused huge economic injury to millions of people. In such a situation, the demand for many traditional products has reduced. People are getting attracted towards those products where they have monthly income as well.

If you have an empty land or a long roof, then you can earn lakhs of rupees through it. The solar panel is one such product. Business opportunities in the solar sector are also increasing in the country. Central and state governments are also supporting solar business continuously. In such a situation, if you want to do some kind of business, then you can start your work by joining this sector.

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Government also has focus
Our partner website According to the target of 100GW solar installation by 2022, 40GW will be installed in the roof top sector. Every year the solar industry is growing at a speed of 3 times. The demand for solar in the future will increase very fast. The entire focus of the central and state governments is on solar energy. This is the reason why the government is constantly encouraging people to set up solar plants. You also have a big chance to start a business selling solar products. The initial investment is also very small. Many banks can get loan from SME branch. According to an estimate, this business can earn from Rs 30 thousand to Rs 1 lakh a month.

How to start a business?
Haryana’s solar company Loom Solar is supporting the central government in a completely self-sufficient India mission. It is the country’s largest solar panel manufacturing company. The company manufactures solar panels and AC modules using the latest technology. It works especially keeping in mind the use of solar panels in homes. Loom Solar has a solar panel manufacturing factory in Sonepat, Haryana. The company promotes its products in the market. It also has more than 1500 retail dealers. Business can also be started with the company. Anyone can join a startup, businessman or professional company. There are 3 ways to start a business with a company.

1. Dealer:
Business can be started with the company as a dealer. For this, the company’s dealership will have to be taken. On this link By clicking, you can get more information and register yourself.

2. Distributors:
Another way to start a business with a company is a distributor. The company makes a distributor in every city. To become a distributor at this link Click and details can be found.

3. Influencer:
Any student or housewife can also start a business. This work can be done from home. Can be associated with the company’s Affiliate Marketing as an influencer. For its details Have to click on

Solar products business is profitable
Business of solar powered products can also be started. These days many such products are in demand. Indian and foreign companies are making solar mobile chargers, solar water heaters, solar pumps, solar lights. Some of these products such as water heaters, pumps are also subsidized by the Central and State Government. You can also start the business of these products. It will cost 1 to 2 lakh rupees to start this business. Loan facility is also available from banks. Business can earn 20–40 thousand rupees a month.


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