This country is number one in CCTV surveillance, every fourth person has a camera

new Delhi: You will be surprised to know that out of the 20 most monitored cities in the world, 18 are in China. On average, every 4.1 people have a camera. Given the huge population of China, CCTV network is spread in various cities here. Apart from the cities of China, better CCTV surveillance is from London and Hyderabad. London is at number three in this category, while Hyderabad is at number 16.

According to an annual report released in the UK, 770 million cameras are in use worldwide. 54 percent of these are being used in China. This report has been released by a firm named Compotech. This firm analyzes technology features such as VPNs, antivirus and apps. CCTV cameras were used to prevent the spread of corona virus in the lockdown. With the help of closed-circuit television (CCTV), people were closely monitored so that they do not leave their homes.

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Please tell that the People’s Republic of China, the ruling party of China, installed a camera on an average of 4.1 people in the year 2018. Its report was given to a UK company IHS Market.

According to a report, by the year 2021, China will have 567 million cameras while in the US 85 million cameras will be installed.

China’s Taiwan city is at number one with 4,65,255 CCTV cameras installed. According to population, there are 119.57 CCTV cameras installed for every 1,000. The network of CCTV laid by China is also becoming a threat to the law of security, which activists are expressing concern about.

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