These changes will be in the new bike, the seating method will be different from before; Guidelines released

new Delhi: In the year 2014, as soon as the power of the Center changed, all the ministries which came under the Government of India have seen a boom and improvement. Talking about the security of the life of the common man, after the responsibilities of the Ministry of Health, the second most important ministry is the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, whose biggest priority is to save everyone’s life rather than the distinction between rich and poor, caste and religion.

Talking about some sensitive departments active in this regard, in the last 6 years, the Ministry of Road Transport has focused most on saving lives. Taking care of the safety of every traveler walking on the road and coming under Union Minister Nitin Gadkari, this ministry has indeed drawn many new lines on the ground. Under this, many laws were changed to ensure the safety of every person passing through the road, including the new rules and regulations of vehicles from 4 wheelers to 16 wheelers or more, and now two wheelers. New standards have been set after a review of security. Let us know these new changes-

Hold the driver’s back seat
According to the new guidelines of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, now both sides of the bike will be hand held behind the driver’s seat. Till now most bikes did not have this facility. However, a few decades ago some companies manufacturing two-wheelers took care of this. At the same time, the ministry has also made it mandatory for the bike to have both sides. At the same time, the maximum part of the left side of the rear wheel of the bike will be covered properly so that the clothes of those sitting behind cannot be stuck there.

The ministry has also issued advisory to install light containers in the bike. In the new standards, the height of the container will be 550 mm, width 510 mm with height not more than 500 mm. If this container is installed in place of the previous ride, then no one other than the driver can sit in it. The government will be free to change these rules from time to time.

The government had also issued a guideline for tires a while back. In which the tire pressure monitoring system was suggested so that the sensor installed in the new system would let the driver know what the air pressure is in the tires of his car, along with this, the Ministry also recommended a tire repair kit.


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