The wait is over! 5 Rafale aircraft to fly to India from France airbase today

new Delhi: The wait is finally over. The world’s most powerful fighter aircraft Rafal is going to come to India. According to sources, today Rafale aircraft will fly to India from the French airbase. 5 Rafale aircraft will reach Ambala airbase on Wednesday after covering an air distance of 7364 kilometers and the most important thing is that Indian Air Force fighter pilots are bringing themselves to India by flying Rafale.

It is believed that next week the deployment of these five aircraft will be done in view of the dispute with China. India had signed 36 Rafale fighter jets with France in September 2016. This deal is worth about 59,000 crores. According to Janakari, Rafale will land at the UAE’s Al Dafra airbase after flying from France. From here, Rafale will fly directly to India and reach Ambala airbase after all other technical checkups.

According to the company’s agreement, a total of 36 more pilots will be given training to fly Rafale. Only Indian pilots will fly these aircraft. According to the information, although all 10 fighter aircraft were to be delivered in the first batch, but due to the non-availability of aircraft, only five aircraft are reaching India.

In this regard, Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh spoke to French Defense Minister Florence Parle on 2 June. During this time, France had assured that the delivery of Rafale fighter aircraft to India would be on time, the Corona catastrophe would not affect it. Rafale’s arrival in India is very important in the midst of the ongoing border dispute with China. This is also expected to speed up delivery of Rafale aircraft in future.

Rafal will fly to India from the Marignac airbase of Bordeaux, an hour and a half from Paris in France. By the way, after delivery, Rafale aircraft takes 6 months to become operational under normal conditions, but the Rafale which is reaching India on Wednesday, can be ready for operation within 1 week if needed.

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This is a big thing in view of the tension between India and China in eastern Ladakh. According to sources, in the meeting of Air Force commanders in Delhi last week, there was a discussion on deploying Rafal in Ladakh. Rafael is a fighter aircraft of France. It has two engines. It can attack from air to air and air to ground. Can be sent in every kind of mission. It can be equipped with nuclear bombs. One can go up to a height of 60 thousand feet in a minute. Rafal can fly at a speed of 2,130 km / h. Rafal can destroy the target 3700 km away. Many types of missiles can be fitted in it.


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