The stock market saw a sharp rise, the Sensex above 38,000 on the first day of the week

new Delhi: The mood of the stock market is looking very good on Monday. Great business and the strength of the market is visible. As soon as the market opens in the morning, there is a boom in business. The BSE Sensex, based on 30 stocks of the Bombay Stock Exchange, is trading at 38.197 with a gain of 68 points. The environment of boom is also in other markets. The Nifty, a sensitive index based on 50 stocks of the National Stock Exchange, is also trading up 11 points at 11,703.

Today, the Indian Defense Fleet will include Rafale fighter aircraft
The world’s most powerful fighter aircraft Rafal is going to come to India. According to sources, today Rafale aircraft will fly to India from the French airbase. 5 Rafale aircraft will reach Ambala airbase on Wednesday after covering an air distance of 7364 kilometers and the most important thing is that Indian Air Force fighter pilots are bringing themselves to India by flying Rafale.

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It is believed that next week the deployment of these five aircraft will be done in view of the dispute with China. India had signed 36 Rafale fighter jets with France in September 2016. This deal is worth about 59,000 crores. According to Janakari, Rafale will land at the UAE’s Al Dafra airbase after flying from France. From here, Rafale will fly directly to India and reach Ambala airbase after all other technical checkups.


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