The slowdown seen in the world, the flow of FDI in India is increasing: PM Modi

new Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi told IBM CEO Arvind Krishna on Monday that this is a good time to invest in India and the country is welcoming investment in technology. In a dialogue with Krishna through video conference, the Prime Minister said that while there is a slowdown in the world, FDI flow in India is continuously increasing.

According to a statement released from the Prime Minister’s Office, Modi said that the country is moving ahead with the vision of a self-reliant India so that a global efficient and seamless local supply chain can be developed.

Discussing the impact of Kovid on business culture, Modi said that ‘work from home’ is being adopted on a wide scale and the government is constantly in the direction of providing infrastructure, connectivity and regulatory environment to facilitate this technological change. Is working

The statement said that they also discussed the technology and challenges associated with IBM’s recent decision to get 75 percent of its employees to work from home.

The CEO of IBM briefed the Prime Minister about his comprehensive investment plans in India and expressed confidence in the vision of “Self-reliant India”.

According to the statement, “The Prime Minister also highlighted that this is a good time to invest in India.” He said that the country is welcoming and supporting investment in the technology sector. He said that while economic slowdown is visible in the world, the flow of FDI in India is continuously increasing.

The Prime Minister spoke on the possibility of developing India-centric AI-based tools in the health sector and developing a better model for prior information and analysis of disease.

He said that the country is moving towards the development of an integrated, technology and data driven health system, which is economical and free from problems for the people.

He said that IBM can play an important role in advancing health-related vision.

The CEO of IBM praised the Prime Minister’s vision for Ayushman Bharat and talked about the use of technology for early detection of diseases.

The Prime Minister appreciated the role played by IBM in partnership with CBSE towards the launch of AI curriculum in 200 schools in India.

He said that the government is working towards offering AI, machine learning etc. concepts to the students at an early stage to encourage technology in the country.

The CEO of IBM stated that education about technology and data should be included in the category of basic skills such as seed mathematics (algebra), as well as the need to enhance it with enthusiasm and be introduced as soon as possible.

During this time issues like data security, cyber attack, privacy concerns and benefits of yoga were also discussed.

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