The price of vehicles can be cheap, the relief news related to the coming auto sector

New Delhi Covid-19 (Covid-19) has caused many problems in the Indian auto industry. To solve them, the government is working on a proposal, which will bring demand in the auto sector more quickly. With this, customers will be able to buy their favorite vehicle at a cheaper price.

Our partners According to the Ministry of Heavy Industries, a proposal has been prepared and sent to the Group of Ministers to discuss.

You can get relief in this
According to the proposal, the automobile industry can get relief in GST, Cess and Road Tax. Due to lack of these, the price of the vehicle will also be such, after which more and more people will be able to buy them. Apart from this, preparations are also being made to make Road Tax uniform across the country. Right now, due to the different road tax in each state of the country, there is a big difference in the on road price of vehicles.

Government will decide on vehicle scrappage policy
With this, the government can soon make a big announcement on the Vehicle Scrappage Policy. There are many differences between the government and industry regarding this. After the announcement of this policy, the domestic automobile industry will benefit greatly. Apart from this, the government also wants to increase the vehicle capacity of this industry.

Government will sign FTA of various countries
Apart from this, the government is also considering signing a Free Trade Agreement with various countries so that exports can be increased. However, on all these issues, the government will not announce simultaneously but at different times.

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