The people of Siliguri want a 2-day lockdown

The lockdown of 7 days has been extended once again in Siliguri. It will be from 23 July to 29 July. It was announced only on Tuesday evening. Since then, the reactions of people are continuously coming forward. The condition of corona infection in Siliguri remains worrying. In such a situation, the administration had no option but to increase the lockdown, on the other hand, the problems of the people of Siliguri are also not diminishing. Apart from Corona, the havoc of flood and rain has also broken.

Due to the closure of Market Haat for the last several days, people are similarly upset. It was expected that the lockdown would not be extended after July 22, but the administration has once again extended the lockdown for the week. In such a situation, their troubles have increased. When we tried to know the reaction of the people of Siliguri on increasing the lockdown down, most people said that Siliguri has been a victim of lockdown continuously since the month of March. Due to this, the shop business has come to a standstill. If the work will not work, then how will the world work. He said that the administration’s decision that there will be a lockdown of 2 days in the entire state was a good decision. If there is a continuous lockdown, people will have to die of hunger.

Everyone from the common to the special was seen questioning the administration. People believed that the administration should impose a full 2-day curfew in Siliguri, and everyone will abide by it, but allow 5 days to work. This will make people’s problems a little easier. Due to heavy rains in Siliguri for the last 2 days, flood situation has arisen in many areas. Due to the lockdown, neither the municipal corporation is able to solve the problems of the people nor is it being diagnosed at the local level.

While interacting with the news time, many people expressed surprise that the state tourism minister Gautam Dev is an experienced person. Understand the suffering of the people of Siliguri. Despite this, the decision to extend the lockdown of 7 days is probably his decision taken in a hurry. It should be known that today was the last day of the lockdown in Siliguri. There was talk of opening of Siliguri market on Friday. People were happy, but on Tuesday evening an administrative meeting was held in the presence of the state tourism minister Gautam Dev, in which Darjeeling district ruler, Siliguri Mahakama ruler and officials of the team of Corona Task Force for North Bengal were present. In the meeting held at the State Guest House, it was once again decided to extend the lockdown for 7 days.

State Tourism Minister Gautam Dev announced the extension of the lockdown in Siliguri city by 29 July, saying that during this time the vegetable, fruit market of the regulated market in Mallaguri will remain open but the fish market will remain closed. He said that the SJDA market of Champasadi will also be open.

As you know the statewide lockdown has been imposed by the state government from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm on 23, 25 and 29 July. Apart from this, the lock-down has been extended till 31 July in the Containment Zone across the state.


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