The foundation of the Ram temple will be 15 feet deep, the Sheshavatar temple will also be built; Know full details

Ayodhya: Big news is coming about construction of Ram temple in Ayodhya. According to sources, the foundation of the Ram temple will be 15 feet deep. There will be 8 layers in the foundation of Ram temple. There will be a layer of 2-2 feet. Concrete, Morang will be used to prepare the foundation platform. The most important thing is that iron will not be used in Ram temple. Including the ground floor, the Ram temple will be of three floors. Ground floor, first floor and second floor

According to the new model, the Ram temple will be built in 10 acres. The remaining 57 acres will be developed as Ram temple complex. Nakshatra Vatika will be built in the Ram temple complex, 27 Nakshatra trees will be planted. The purpose of making Nakshatra Vatika is that on their birthday, people can meditate according to their Nakshatra by sitting under the tree and can offer prayers in the Ram temple complex. The trees mentioned in the Balmiki Ramayana will also be planted in the Ram temple complex and they will also be named after the Balmiki Ramayana.

Temporary installation of Sheshavatar Temple will be done after Bhumi Pujan of Ram temple. After the completion of construction of Ram temple, Sheshavatar temple will be permanently built in Ram temple complex. Ramkatha Kunj Park will also be built in the premises of Ram temple which will be based on the life character of Lord Ram. A museum of the remains found during the excavation in the Ram temple complex will also be built.

Goshala, Dharamshala, other temples will be built. A copper plate is being prepared for the Bhoomi Poojan of Ram temple. Important information related to Ram temple in Sanskrit language will be written on the copperplate. The name, place, constellation, time of the temple will be written on the copperplate, which will be placed in the foundation. All the major pilgrimage sites will be worshiped by soil and rivers. Two parikrama centers will also be built in the premises in Ram temple. The first circumambulation will be of the sanctum sanctorum and the second parikrama will be of the Ram temple.



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