The flip side of the coin when the hunger of the corona falls on the stomach

Corona infection is continuously increasing in the country. At the same time, among the risk of infection, the worst condition is that of the people earning daily, because the daily earners are in the danger of infection like corona, risking their lives and are seen on the streets for two days’ bread. | Talk about the city of Siliguri, even today, despite the lockdown, the streets are seen crowded. People are looking outside to buy food and drink. However, the police-administration is taking action against the people following the lock-down at many square-intersections or without any reason. But what about the people who feed their family by earning daily? After all, what should we do? Because he is forced in front of his stomach. When there is hunger in the stomach, nothing is seen. To eradicate stomach hunger, we have to wander from rate to rate, yet stomach hunger is not calming. Fear of corona on one side and stomach hunger on the other …… ..

Let me tell you that a rickshaw driver got in the way on the news time, when our volunteer spoke to him, he said that, I used to earn three to four hundred rupees every day before the Corona period, and I had five people. I have to fill my stomach, but since the corona infection, my condition is very bad, even now, even if I work, I am not earning well even a hundred rupees a day, although somehow I will be able to support my children and family. I am filling my stomach. He further said that I know the danger of corona virus but I cannot see my children starving. On the one hand, the danger of lockdown and corona, on the other hand, the hunger of the stomach has become helpless.

In the terrible disaster of the Corona virus, the scene seems like something like that people are less helpless and helpless due to less stomach and hunger. Talking about a Majdoor, Mazdoor, who built a house for millions of people, is unable to run his own house. It is not known how ironic that the food giver himself is sleeping hungry.

Similarly, we talked to another rickshaw driver that he told that even in the midst of the danger of Corona, he is going out on the streets with a rickshaw, but even after working all day, only a couple of rides are being received. There are four people in the family. He takes care of his family only by driving a rickshaw but due to not getting a ride, sometimes it is becoming difficult to collect food. He further explained that earlier in lockdown, food items were available at some places, but now nothing is being found anywhere.

At the same time, when we talked to Mazdur, who works in a hotel, we came to know that, he used to make hundreds of rotis with his own hands, and now after the corona and lock down, no bread is made nor does it fill properly. The hands with which he used to make bread, the hands have now become helpless and helpless. Now they themselves have to wander in the path of bread for two times.

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The flip side of the coin when the hunger of the corona falls on the stomach

The flip side of the coin when the hunger of the corona falls on the stomach

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