The dragon was softened by the harsh attitude of India; Chinese Ambassador gave this statement regarding both countries

Beijing: The way India (India) has responded to China after the Ladakh violence has brought Beijing to its senses. He has now understood that the enmity with India can be very heavy.

It is quite clear from the statement of Chinese Ambassador Sun Weidong that China has been alarmed by the digital strike being carried out by India. Weidong says that China’s economy cannot be separated from India, if we do so, both countries will suffer losses. The Chinese ambassador’s statement comes at a time when India has made a digital strike by all of Beijing’s apps Along with the ban, several decisions have been taken to hurt his companies financially.

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Sun Weidong has tweeted a lot about relationships with India. He has written that China is not a threat to India and the fact that we cannot live without each other cannot be denied. He further said that we should not have an attitude of harming anyone. The economies of China and India rest on each other, if they are separated, both will suffer.

According to the Chinese ambassador, China always advocates win-win cooperation and is against the ‘zero-sum game’. The economies of the two countries are linked to each other and the consequences of separating them will be negative.

Significantly, since the Ladakh violence, tension between the two countries is at its peak. India has hurt China so far on the economic front, due to which the dragon is nervous. The Modi government has banned all Chinese applications including TikTok in two installments. Apart from this, the government has also banned the import of color TV, giving China another blow. The government’s aim behind this is to encourage domestic manufacturing and discourage the import of color TVs from other countries, especially China.

Due to the continuous action by India, China’s senses are coming out. He is understood that he cannot get hostility from India for long. This is the reason why his notes are changing now.


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