The Chinese Consulate in Houston finally closed after 4 decades

Houston: The Chinese Embassy in Houston was officially closed on Friday after four decades, amidst continuing tension between the US and China. In the last few months, the relationship between the two countries has become quite bitter.

Beijing has already been accused of concealing information about the CoronaVirus, not taking effective steps to deal with the epidemic. America has been vocal and opposed China since the beginning. The US tightened up on the plight of Uygar Muslims in Xinjiang province, while Beijing also implemented a controversial national security law in Hong Kong.

The US had asked China to close the Houston Consulate within 72 hours. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo himself was monitoring this. He had made serious allegations like spying on China and theft of intellectual property under the cover of diplomatic office. Senior US officials called the Houston Counsel the base of Beijing’s espionage operations in the US.

China also took revenge
In retaliation, China ordered the US to close the commercial embassy in Chengdu. China said that the US is constantly conspiring to interfere in its internal affairs and damage its national security. On Friday, the Chinese flag and seal were removed from the Chinese embassy in Houston and US officials took control of the building. This work was completed minutes before the term of the order related to the Trump administration expired.

Earlier in the morning, the embassy staff were seen removing their belongings from the building. During this, around 30 protesters were seen celebrating outside the counselor with banners – posters. A few moments before the deadline was over, the Houston police set up barricades and evacuated the area around the Chinese government’s office that had been surrounded for nearly 4 decades.

Trying to establish your dominance in America
40 minutes after the deadline of 4 pm, an official of the State Department entered the Counsel with some people, according to reports, the small door of the rear of the building was left open. After about an hour, the team of fire brigade entered the building. When the Trump administration shared information about the Houston administration’s decision, it claimed that these diplomatic offices resembled those centers under which Beijing was trying to establish its dominance in America. After this, many discussions started about Houston and other Chinese counselors.


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