Sushant’s role suspects big leaders, former minister demands CBI probe

Mumbai: Sushant Singh Rajput (Sushant singh rajput) In the case of Maharashtra (Maharashtra) Former Minister Ashish Shelar ()Ashish shelar) Has made a big disclosure, expressing doubt on the state government. He said via tweet that the role of many big leaders in Sushant case is under suspicion, due to which there is a possibility of disturbing the facts.

Shelar said in his tweet, ‘Dabangg Dir accused of money laundering in Bandra Bhai’s NGO, but the police kept quiet! But on social media, people say that young leaders are pulling its strings ?? He said that in any case the police PRO conducts daily briefings, but in this case the home minister of the police is giving daily briefings.

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Referring to the questions and statements arising in the case, he said that Sushant’s father is talking about transfer of crores of rupees from the bank. At the same time, the girlfriend is demanding a CBI inquiry in this case, but still the minister is refusing to order the investigation. Shelar further said that the police is wasting their time by interrogating innocent people and ignoring suspicious people. In this case, a CBI inquiry is necessary so that the truth can be revealed and the culprits can be punished.

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