Sushant had a feeling of nepotism 5 years ago, Kangana’s team gave evidence

new Delhi: Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput (Sushant Singh Rajpoot) More than a month has passed since his death, the police is under investigation, but so far the police have not been able to reach any conclusion in this matter. Many actors, directors and producers of the industry have been questioned in the case of Sushant’s suicide. In the case of Sushant’s suicide, people believe that he took this step after getting fed up with nepotism in the industry.

Since Sushant’s suicide, Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut has also been accusing the industry from the beginning that the cause of Sushant’s death is due to the nepotism present in the industry and now Kangana’s team to prove her statement to be true A post made in Sushant’s year 2015 has found the post in which the late actor expressed his opinion about nepotism.

Kangana’s team shared a screenshot of Sushant’s Facebook post on social media, in this post Sushant wrote, “We here promote our family’s beliefs in the same way as our family members.” Also after this post, Sushant wrote the hashtag Nepotism and Bollywood. Kangana’s team shared the post and wrote the caption, ‘A genius brain sore, he decided to enjoy it rather than fight against it after seeing the circus of nepotism. He decided to leave it instead of getting into the ugly mold given by the people.

Significantly, Kangana has also been raising her voice against nepotism earlier but since the death of Sushant, she has been raising her voice once again and is speaking out on this matter with impunity. Kangana is making rhetoric on Bollywood celebs. Many people, including Kangana, are constantly demanding a CBI inquiry into Sushant’s suicide case.

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