Strange sounds were heard in this house for 10 days, saw a cobra, then …

Pravesh Pardeshi, Pratapgarh: A cobra entered the farm house in Malikheda in the district. Later the snake catcher rescued the cobra and left it in the forest.

Actually, a peculiar sound was heard to the farmer family living in a farm house in Malikheda for eight to ten days. Looked all over the house, but did not see any. At first I ignored it but still the voice was heard.

The family suspects that it is not the voice of the snake to pounce. On this, the family called snake catcher Rajesh Suman.

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The snake catcher searched for the snake in the house, but no snake was seen anywhere. Rajesh now climbed on the roof of the house and after removing the bananas of the house and searched the tail of a cobra, Rajesh Suman rescued the cobra and imprisoned it in a plastic bag. Then he was taken to a nearby forest and left safe.

Snake catcher Rajesh Suman said that the cobra is about five and a half feet tall. It was good that the family came to know in time, otherwise a cobra could be bothered just a little bit. It is a very poisonous snake.


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