Sonam Kapoor did this work in London, told fans the special day’s experiment

new Delhi: Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor Her husband after long Anand Ahuja Has reached London with. In fact, due to the rising outbreak of Corona virus, Sonam came to India from London at the beginning of March and since then she was staying with husband Anand, Sonam is very active on social media and from time to time on Twitter and Instagram She also keeps posting. She was also associated with the fans through social media during the lockdown. However, now Sonam has returned to London with husband Anand and has finished the quarantine period there and now she is going out of the house too.

After finishing the quarantine, the place where Sonam went to the first place is Jim, Sonam herself has given her information on her Insta account. Sonam posted a photo from the gym, writing that ‘the first day after the quarantine and straight to the gym I really didn’t think that I could be so happy to be back here’.

Sonam is seen wearing a mask in the gym. Sonam shared her photo from the gym and told her experience. He expressed his happiness on this post by coming back from his gym trainer and also said, ‘Who does so much hard work on the first day, although Sonam thanked the trainer.’ On this post of Sonam, his father and Bollywood actor Anil Kapoor commented on Thumbs Up and Heart Emoji.

Recently, he has again shared a video with fans on Insta. There is a saying that if the path of the husband’s heart goes through his stomach, then perhaps Sonam Kapoor is also thinking of making something special for her husband Anand, then he has shared Anand’s favorite food with the fans. Significantly, Sonam’s husband Anand Ahuja’s birthday is coming in a few days and the actress is preparing for it, Sonam Anand’s birthday is engaged in a countdown, so she is also sharing a video every day, watching the video and it looks like That they are eagerly awaiting Anand’s birthday.

In this video, Sonam has told about Anand’s favorite food dishes. Sonam said that Anand loves South Indian cuisine the most, as well, Sonam also mentioned a few selected places where those people go to eat South Indian food in Mumbai. Sonam further said that Anand likes Japanese food at number two, Sonam said that ‘Anand likes Sesame Spinch and Vegetarian Sushi very much. Anand Marinara is also a fan of pizza (although Sonam does not consider it pizza).

Finally, Sonam says that Anand loves Indian food (homemade food) very much. They like traditional Indian food. Sonam also shared a message for Anand after sharing the video that ‘I hope I have named all the right things, love you’. Sonam shared the video and said that ‘Anand’s favorite food is a topic in itself and she cannot tell how much she is missing going to the restaurant and roaming outside with Anand at the moment, but will have to remain so for the moment. I am completely confident about my answers, so I hope I am right. ‘ Later, correcting Sonam, Anand said in the comment that Sonam missed Mexican food ‘.

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