So by 2100, polar beers will end from Earth, scientists worry

Scientists say that by 2100, polar beers could be eliminated from the world. Apart from this, scientists have also found out where and how they will be extinct. If green house emissions are not curbed quickly, only a few polar beer will remain in the Arctic.

Scientists are firm that by 2040, polar bears will be unable to breed. Due to which their species will reach the verge of extinction. A study published in Natural Climate Change describes how animals will be affected by changes in the environment, how these beginnings will be seen in symptoms.

If similar emissions continued until the end of the century, polar bears would only survive on Queen Elizabeth Islands, which is in the Arctic Islands of Canada.

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Scientists say that now we have reached a situation where we cannot go back. If the effects of global warming also diminish, polar bears in the Arctic will be unable to breed until 2080.

Let us tell you that there are currently 26,000 polar beers of 19 species in the world. Which extends from Norway to Canada and Siberia. Beers rely on ice to find food, catch fish in ice pits, sometimes they take hours or several days to process.

Recently, pictures of Polar Bear becoming a skeleton troubled by hunger went viral on social media. After which people came to know about this problem of theirs. Explain that sea ice is melting due to global warming, this is one of the biggest reasons behind the decreasing number of polar bears.

Researchers claim that this decline in reproduction is similar to what they had predicted. However, bears have a habit of starving for months. But there will come a time when they do not get food for a long time, then they will not be able to breed.

For the study, the researchers studied 13 of the 19 species of polar bear, which constitute 80 percent of their total population. However, he left the beers of the islands in the Canadian Arctic region as it is not easy to guess in this geographical area.

If emissions could not be controlled, by 2040, Canada’s Hudson Bay and Davis Strait’s bears would no longer be reproducible. It is believed to be almost fixed. By 2080, Alaska and Russia beers will begin to run out. By 2100, the polar bear population in the whole world may be over, extinct.

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