Siliguri Hospital Malamal in Corona era

If you are suffering from some disease and want to get treatment in a nursing home or a private hospital, then go to your pocket. Because all the tests including doctor’s fees have become expensive. At this time, doctors are absent from hospitals and clinics regarding Corona. Especially cold, fever, cold patients do not even get general doctors and do not go to clinics on time. In this situation, if a patient is suffering from a serious illness or needs immediate treatment, then the doctor will have to call or contact the hospital or nursing home and call the doctor. If the doctor comes on your call, then you can understand that you have to pay his hefty fees too.

The same situation is seen everywhere in Siliguri at present. Due to this, patients suffering from other diseases are either unable to get treatment or they can face the need of getting treatment by asking for a fee, which is not a matter of everyone. At this time, doctors have increased their fees significantly. The reason is coronavirus. People do not have food in lockdown. Crisis on employment have arisen. Income has reduced to zero, but doctor’s fees have doubled. On the one hand, people working in private firms are living on low wages, while the same doctors are robbing the general public by increasing their fees.

In Siliguri’s nursing homes or private hospitals, apart from tests, beds etc. have also become expensive. A poor person cannot fill his stomach. How should he pay the expenses of the hospital? But the doctors or nursing home managers do not pay attention to the financial condition of the people and by paying a hefty, huge amount of treatment, they hand over the patient’s family members. If not given, there is a war between the hospital management and the patient side. It is surprising that all private hospitals and nursing homes have to run according to the government guidelines and the amount of treatment is also prescribed for this. But this hospital and nursing home never care about it. Complaints have been made against the nursing home and hospital management to the Chief Medical Officer, but despite this, such nursing home or hospital is not affected.

Recently, a patient has complained against a hospital located on Sevak Road in Siliguri and the matter has reached the Jalpaiguri District Magistrate. The Department of Health Affairs, which oversees the Jalpaiguri District Magistrate, quoted the Chief Medical Officer Has written a letter and has been requested to pay attention to the case. Such cases keep coming at various nursing homes and hospitals in Siliguri and there is no action on public complaint. This increases their morale. They harass the patient in various ways and try to loot their accumulated capital in the name of fees.

As you will also know, the hospital management is charging huge amount from the resource-rich people who are getting treatment of corona in private hospitals. The guidelines do not care that the government directive does not allow them. But they are not afraid of it either. The patient or the relative of the patient has to somehow fill the hospital bill by arranging money from here and there. Some hospitals are such that in advance, the patients or their relatives deposit millions of rupees as advance in the name of treatment of coronavirus. This situation can not only be said of Siliguri, but this situation can be seen everywhere. In this case, whether he is a corona patient or a person suffering from other diseases, what to do.

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Siliguri Hospital Malamal in Corona era

Siliguri Hospital Malamal in Corona era

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