Siliguri city is buzzing once again

Coronavirus has persecuted the city of Siliguri a lot. And is persecuting This city is trying to get up again and again and it should be hoped that everything will be fine now. Lockdown removed. Gradually business, livelihood employment and other occupations have increased. People are following masks and social distancing with care. It will continue like this now.

Tomorrow is Bakrid. Government holiday and holy festival of Muslim brothers. But the market is not looking like that. Although according to their strength, the Muslim brothers have prepared the goat for the sacrifice, but somewhere the mind is saddened by the stoppage of the Namaz in the stadium. If you do, what to do. It is also important to protect against Corona. Muslim religious people will be able to offer namaz in the mosques of their respective areas.

There is a Rakhi on Monday after Bakrid, but its beauty is less visible in the market. However, Rakhi decoration has started in the market. But customers are absent. People are rarely leaving the house for fear of Corona. At such a time, cases in Siliguri have also increased. Therefore, people are also very careful about the disease. Due to Corona, the festival of Rakhi is also not giving fun.

Locked down 2 days. It rained all day yesterday. Today the weather is fine. Therefore, there is more movement on the streets, in the market, in shops than yesterday. Naya Bazar, Mahaveer Sthan, Rail Gate, Burdwan Road, Sewak Road, Hill Cart Road, Hashmi Chowk, Vidhan Market, etc. areas are seen with the movement of a little goat as well as the zeal of Rakhi. Siliguri police station IC Sudeep Chakraborty is busy preparing for the security of both the festivals.

Seeing the festival of Bakrid yesterday, the Siliguri Metropolitan Police has tightened security in the city. Appeal has been made to Muslim brothers to celebrate their festival between social distancing and masks in view of Corona. Muslim religious people have also given its confidence to the Siliguri administration. Feroz Ahmad Khan, secretary of Anjuman Khidmat, says that there will be no crowd, all will offer namaz in mosques in their respective areas.

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Siliguri city is buzzing once again

Siliguri city is buzzing once again

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