Shea, unable to hear criticism about virus, exits former property executive from party

new Delhi: Chinese President Xi Jinping (Xi jinping), A vocal critic of China’s former property executive, was dropped from the ruling Communist Party. The District Government Department of Beijing has given this information while issuing notice related to it on Thursday.

Darsial was the former chairman of the Huan Real State Group under the Chinese government.Ren jikyang‘Corona virus (in February)Coronavirus), Criticizing the speech related to the efforts and achievements of the Chinese government to stop him, called him a Joker. After which Ren had gone missing since March, three of his friends had informed the news agency Reuters about this.

After this, the Anti-Corruption Department of Beijing Municipal Corporation had called for an investigation, calling it a serious case of violation of morality. But in a notice given on Thursday night, the same department informed Ren about the violation of the Code of Conduct and contempt of law and evicted him from the Communist Party.

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Please tell that the department also accused Rain of losing the trust of the party. The department said that they played with the image of the party and the country, disregarding the ideological values, all they did was a betrayal of the party, which also raised questions on their loyalty. According to the notice, he has misused government funds and his position for personal gain. After the allegations against Rain, he will now have to face court action.

Although there is no mention of the article in the notice, which he said about the freedom of the press, his statement about the corona virus is also not mentioned in the notice. Due to his outspokenness on social media, his supporters also call him “Explosive Rain”.

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